Daybreak Counseling P.C.
                      ...Defining Hope

Welcome to Daybreak Counseling; A safe place to heal and recover

Are you experiencing:  Anxiety?  Stress?  Depression?  Hopelessness?

By engaging in the counseling process, you will begin to...

  • Identify and evaluate your problems
  • Break free from self-destructive behaviors and pattern
  • Analyze and prioritize internal / external needs
  • Develop coping strategies regarding conflict resolution
  • Clarify and explore identity and self-esteem issues, feelings, and             beliefs
  • Increase communication skills
  • Achieve intimacy in relationship issues

Daybreak Counseling started as a way for Rosalie Craft to help others achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Daybreak Counseling was founded on the principle of offering HOPE to individuals who knew they were "stuck", but needed the tools and guidance to define and apply strategies for a successful and positive self.

Daybreak Counseling
 is a place where individuals experience professional care in a supportive, non-judgemental, and safe environment.  As a whole people, we need to take care of the whole self: in mind, body, and Spirit.  You will receive comprehensive care that is tailored to meet your individual counseling needs.

Daybreak Counseling
 is distinct from other counseling services in that it offers an integrated and educational approach to therapy.  Not only will you be able to apply what you learned to everyday living, you will possess the ability and skills to reach out to others and help them do the same.  Daybreak Counseling provides proven methods, which result in long-term recovery.

Take time in getting the help you deserve.  
Daybreak Counseling, for a healthy perspective that inspires lasting change for a better living.

Rosalie is a member of five professional organizations whereby she continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge.

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